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Chemical Hazard Assessments

Offering hazard and risk assessments for the use and discharge of chemicals by the offshore oil and gas industry. Orbis uses the CHARM model to quantify the risk posed by chemicals in the marine environment.


Chemicals discharged into the marine environment have the potential to pose acute or chronic effects on marine organisms.  As such, the use and discharge of chemicals by the offshore oil and gas industry is tightly regulated.


In the UK, the Offshore Chemical Regulations 2002 (as amended) (‘the OCR’) apply the provisions of a decision made by the OSPAR Convention to implement a harmonised mandatory control scheme for the use and discharge of chemicals.



Under the OCR, operators are required to obtain a permit prior to the use and discharge of any offshore chemicals.  As part of the application process, an environmental risk assessment must be undertaken.


Orbis has extensive experience of conducting chemical risk assessments and, where applicable, use the CHARM (Chemical Hazard Assessment and Risk Management) model to provide a quantitative assessment of the risks posed by chemicals in the marine environment. Where CHARM is not applicable, qualitative risk assessments can be undertaken, which are based on eco-toxicological test results and project specific information provided by the chemical manufacturers and drilling engineers.


Orbis aims to work closely with operators to help them make informed judgements on the selection of chemicals, based on their ranking and risk assessment, thereby ensuring that the most environmentally benign chemicals are being used wherever feasible.


The Orbis team regularly engages with both CEFAS and Marine Scotland (the bodies who provide technical advice to OPRED on risk assessments) to ensure that our understanding of the regulations and guidance remains up-to-date.


Internationally, Orbis can apply CHARM and qualitative risk assessments to specific chemical use and discharge scenarios for oil and gas operations outside of the UKCS.  Where testing data are unavailable, Orbis can also conduct ecotoxicology literature searches and provide advice on the associated environmental risks to aid chemical selection choices.

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