HSE Drilling Support for the E23-1G Well

SIA Balin Energy

Baltic Sea (Offshore Latvia)

Scope of Work
Orbis was commissioned to provide environmental and oil spill response support to SIA Balin Energy (a Latvian operator, partnered by Orlen Upstream and Kuwait Energy) for the drilling of the E23-1G exploration well in the Baltic Sea.  As this was the first offshore well to be drilled in Latvia, the offshore regulatory regime was in its infancy and therefore the work was conducted to UK standards.

Orbis’ scope of work included preparation of the following documentation:

  • Environmental Summary Document (High Level Environmental Summary and Environmental Chemical Risk Assessment)
  • Oil Spill Contingency Plan
  • Environmental Management Plan
  • Environmental Awareness Rig Poster
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Environmental Emissions Tracker

Members of the Orbis team also spent time in Latvia assisting Balin develop their oil spill response management and training strategy and supporting stakeholder engagement meetings with the regulator.

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