Louga Onshore 2D Seismic Survey

T5 Oil & Gas Limited

Senegal West Africa

Scope of Work
T5 Oil & Gas commissioned Orbis to undertake an EIA, in accordance with The Environment Code 2001 (Law No. 2001-01 of 15 January 2001), for a proposed onshore 2D seismic survey in Senegal.  The survey was designed to target two distinct areas over the Louga Block; one to the east of St. Louis in the north-west, and the second near Sagata in the south.

To define the scope and content of the EIA Report, Orbis developed a Stakeholder Management Plan and undertook consultations in French or English, as required, with relevant parties including amongst others representatives from the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, PETROSEN, the Ministry of Culture and Communication and IUCN.

The Terms of Reference and the EIA Report were consequently prepared taking into consideration the outcome of the public consultation process.

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