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Onshore Permitting & Operations Support

Providing HSE services for onshore oil & gas operators, including permitting support, liaison with regulatory authorities, development and implementation of HSE procedures and provision of operational HSE support.


The UK regulatory regime for onshore oil and gas activities has been refined over recent years, primarily due to the concerns raised over the future role that shale gas may play in the energy industry.  Orbis has worked for a number of onshore operators during this period and represents an Operator on the UK Onshore Oil & Gas (UKOOG) Environmental Committee.  This has allowed us to keep abreast of the evolving legislation and the changing expectations of regulators.  Given this, and our extensive experience in the offshore industry, we are well placed to provide HSE permitting and regulatory support to onshore operators.


Permitting Support

Orbis can aid operators identify and obtain the relevant Environmental Permits that must be in place prior to commencing drilling activities onshore.  These may include some, or all, of the following:


  • A mining waste activity
  • A groundwater activity
  • An installation under the Industrial Emissions Directive
  • A radioactive substances activity
  • A water discharge activity


Ideally, this process would be twin-tracked with the planning application to the relevant Minerals Planning Authority.  Pre-application, Orbis can help manage the engagement process with the Environment Agency/Natural Resources Wales/Scottish Environment Protection Agency (as applicable), DECC, HSE and the relevant Minerals Planning Authority and can support the local community engagement process.


Orbis also has experience of scoping, co-ordinating and managing the environmental surveys and studies that would need to be undertaken to support both the permit and planning applications (e.g. ecological surveys, hydrogeological risk assessment, noise surveys, air quality studies etc.) and can technically review Environmental Statements on behalf of operators.


HSE Procedures

To support onshore drilling operations, Orbis can develop and implement all HSE control documents including:


  • HSE Plans to meet the requirements of the Borehole Sites and Operations Regulations 1995
  • Pollution Incident Plans
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Bridging Documents (to interface the operator’s HSEMS with that of the drilling contractor)
  • Site Induction Briefings


Operational HSE Support

During operations, Orbis can provide a regular HSE presence on site to ensure high levels of HSE performance are achieved and assure regulatory compliance with permit conditions and HSE Regulations.  Activities that can be provided include:


  • Pre-spud HSE audits
  • Management of safety meetings
  • Site HSE inspections
  • Accident investigations
  • Audits to assure compliance with permit conditions
  • Ongoing liaison with the regulators (EA, HSE)

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