Tarfaya Oil Spill Contingency Plan

Galp Energia Tarfaya BV / Senergy

North Africa (Offshore Morocco)

Scope of Work
Orbis was commissioned by Senergy (Well Management Company) to produce an OSCP for Galp Energia Tarfaya BV who were proposing to drill the Tarfaya exploration well offshore Morocco and close to the international boundary with the Canary Islands.

In the absence of offshore legislation in Morocco, the OSCP was written in-line with international best practice and in compliance with UK regulatory requirements.  The document included information for offshore and onshore personnel to respond to a spill incident.

As part of the OSCP, a risk assessment was undertaken to identify the types and sizes of spill that the Galp emergency response arrangements may have to cope with and assess the potential fate and effects of spills in the marine environment.

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