Oil Spill Modelling

Orbis has a licence to run the latest generation of industry leading OILMAP (Oil Spill Modelling Response System) in-house, which is a comprehensive 3D model.  It allows the user to simulate both surface and subsurface hydrocarbon releases and includes algorithms for oil spreading, evaporation, emulsification, entrainment, and oil shoreline interaction. 

Quality modelling is an essential input for contingency planning and risk assessments, including Major Environmental Incident (MEI) assessments and helps to identify the sensitive areas and resources that could be impacted in the event of a hydrocarbon spill.

Orbis uses OILMAP to predict:

  • Worst case or typical (stochastic) scenarios for different seasons that show the most probable path of oil and potential impacts on coastline or sensitive sites (compliant with the regulatory requirements in the UK). It calculates probability and time contours on the water surface, in the water column and on the shoreline
  • The worst case surface trajectory spill is then analysed to determine the fate of hydrocarbons in the environment

OILMAP is compatible with ESRI GIS software, which allows Orbis to overlay the output data onto maps to show interactions with sensitivities such as Marine Protected Areas.

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